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24,60 EUR*
Details HomeSoGood Aiming The Arrow Coffee Mugs (2 Mugs)

Fine Print Designet af hoj kvalitet krus af HomeSoGood vil sorge vinde dit hjerte.

28,86 EUR*
Details Aiming for the Stars: The Dreamers and Doers of the Space Age

Aiming for the Stars Explores the motivations, goals, trials, and triumphs of the people who pioneered space exploration from the 16th-century to the modern era. This book describes space travel's emergence from the pages of science fiction into the ...

187,01 EUR*
Details Nao Porcelain by Lladro AIMING FOR LOVE CHEEKY COLLECTION 2005063

Nao Porcelain By Lladro ornament NEW from Nao Porcelain Factory, therefore Allow 10 UK to 14 Worldwide Working days for delivery. Factory closed during August Summer Holidays & Christmas Holidays. Do Not forget Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Order ...

14,46 EUR*
Details Steve, a Father's Diary: The Ultimate Never to Smoke Book, Aiming at a Smoke-Free Life, Quit Smoking Now and Never Smoke Again

"The most powerful book I have ever read!" Shannon W. "I quit smoking after reading a single chapter." Jim A. "Couldn't put it down. Read it all in one evening." Jack T. "Magnificent! Excellently written yet easy to read. Extremely moving."Lloyd G ...

26,87 EUR*
Details Complete Biology (Completes)

Complete Biology Drawing from an analysis of several syllabuses, with added material to ensure a match for IGCSE, this title is useful to students aiming for the top grades. Questions are provided on every spread for students to check their ...

180,89 EUR*
Details Biosensing: International Research and Development

Biosensing Aiming to disseminate information on the worldwide status and trends in biosensing R&D to government decision makers and the research community, this book emphasises on technologies that may lead to portable or fieldable devices/instruments ...

22,31 EUR*
Details Headstart In History: Reformation & Rebellion 1485-1750

Headstart in History: Reformation & Rebellion 1485-1750 Aiming to provide challenge and stimulus for more able pupils, the "Headstart in History" books have high narrative content; extended writing opportunities and suggestions for further research ...

26,90 EUR*
Details Beginning Teaching, Beginning Learning: In Early Years And Primary Education

Beginning Teaching, Beginning Learning The fourth edition widens the scope of previous topics, aiming to support beginning teachers working and playing with early years. Full description

12,57 EUR*
Details Ojise: Messenger of the Yoruba Tradition

"Ojise" is a journal of the rituals the author encountered on his quest for priesthood in the Yoruba religion. This is his pilgrimage of healing, growth and discovery as he speaks directly to anyone searching for their heritage, aiming to enhance ...

48,66 EUR*
Details Finger Flickin' Game-Carnival Toss

Patch Products-Finger Flickin' Game. A Fun Way To Pass The Time! Test Your Aiming Skills By Pinging The Balls Into The Given Slots! This Package Contains One 9X6 Inch Game. Do Not Remove The Plastic Cover. Comes In A Variety Of Games. Each Sold ...

152,95 EUR*
Details Outer Space in Society, Politics and Law

Outer Space in Society, Politics and Law Aiming to raise awareness of the factors underlying evolving regulative norms of space law and what they mean in practice, this up-to-date handbook on the legal aspects of space activities also covers technical ...

125,99 EUR*
Details Offshore Financial Centers, Accounting Services and the Global Economy

Offshore Financial Centers, Accounting Services and the Global Economy This work investigates the role of accounting firms in offshore financial centres, aiming to provide insight into the effects of major accounting firms on the global economy. Full ...

19,07 EUR*
Details Military Misfortunes: The Anatomy of Failure in War

Military Misfortunes Why do competent armies fail? What made the 1915 British-led invasion of Gallipoli one of the bloodiest catastrophes? How did a dozen German U-Boats manage to humiliate the US navy for nine months in 1942? This book aiming to ...

42,59 EUR*
Details The Roots of Power: Animate Form and Gendered Bodies

Roots of Power An interdisciplinary work aiming to demonstrate, by steadfast attention to corporeal matters of fact, how the concept of power and power relations is rooted in bodily life, in animate form. It moves through biological, anthropological ...

172,99 EUR*
Details Advanced Database Query Systems: Techniques, Applications and Technologies (Premier Reference Source)

Advanced Database Query Systems "This book focuses on technologies and methodologies of database queries, XML and metadata queries, and applications of database query systems, aiming at providing a single account of technologies and practices in ...

52,49 EUR*
Details History and Future: Using Historical Thinking to Imagine the Future

History and Future Argues that the historical method is an excellent way to think about and represent the future. This book asserts that futurists should not view the future as a scientist might - aiming for predictions and certainties - but rather ...

62,19 EUR*
Details Science Unfettered: A Philosophical Study in Sociohistorical Ontology (Series in Continental Thought (Hardcover))

Science Unfettered A contribution to ongoing debates in the philosophy of science, aiming to reconceptualize the orientation of the subject. Mobilizing the literature, the authors seek to transform their insights into a new epistemological and ...

34,50 EUR*
Details Islamic Criminal Law in Northern Nigeria: Politics, Religion, Judicial Practice (AUP Dissertation Series)

Islamic Criminal Law in Northern Nigeria In 2000 and 2001, twelve northern states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria introduced Islamic criminal law as one of a number of measures aiming at "reintroducing the shari'a." Immediately after its adoption ...

22,39 EUR*
Details cmCasa[4550] 9x18 inches Poly Fiber Silver Layer Square Decorative Throw Pillow Case Sofa Pillow Cushion Cover

Superior fabric are used in our items, manufactured with delicate workmanship, aiming to provide comfy soft style to your living space Front: Silver Layer Printing per image Rear: Natural Fabric Color Closure: side Material: Grade A Poly Fiber ...

82,34 EUR*
Details Neural Networks for Modelling and Control of Dynamic Systems: A Practitioner's Handbook (Advanced Textbooks in Control and Signal Processing)

Neural Networks for Modelling and Control of Dynamic Systems The technology of neural networks is discussed in this title, aiming to provide information on pitfalls and pluses of this technology.

49,00 EUR*
Details The Impact of Knowledge Sharing on Corporate Culture: An Outlook on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The Impact of Knowledge Sharing on Corporate Culture In recent years the concepts of knowledge management and corporate culture have often been in the centre of research projects aiming at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Is there a ...

12,49 EUR*
Details Jeremiah & Lamentations: The Death of a Dream, and What Came After (Focus on the Bible)

Jeremiah was set aside to be the prophet to the nations. Set apart to be a voice that was not afraid to stand up for sharing the message of the Lord to those aiming headlong for judgement. There are responsibilities for those who belong to God ...